Weekend At The Baltic Sea. Germany.

Immensedays Maria Zoellner

This week was long for me, but I still want to share with you my impressions about out last weekend at the Baltic sea. There is a lot of things to see in the North of Germany. Especially a Baltic sea (Ostsee). Due to the fresh breeze and quite often cold weather I always grab with me a wind protecting jacket, not to get a cold.

German Nature

Baltic Sea Germany Ostsee Deutschland

German Nature

Another reason to see the North of Germany is a very interesting nature. I grew in Russia and many of the plants and flowers are totally new for me.

One night I was on the beach-it’s incredible memories! It was already October. I could see a Milky Way, constellations, signs of the zodiac, stars. The night sky is wonderful.

Immensedays Maria

Spring time opens a BBQ season! Yay! Some salmon, chicken and champignons.

Lifestyle blog Germany

Prawn salad

Lately after BBQ and a walk by the sea we’ve decided to get some ice-cream in the small town Lütjenburg. Was tasty, but I have never tried so sour lemon ice-cream!

Deutschland Germany Lifestyle Blog

Deutschland Germany Lifestyle Blog

Deutschland Germany Lifestyle Blog

Immensedays Maria

Hope you had a nice weekend too!

Maria x

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