Side – One Historical City in Turkey

Side is an ancient Greek city located on the southwestern coast of Antalya (Turkey). Besides beach holidays there is something to see around here!

Immensedays Maria

The city of Side is attractive for its ancient ruins, which can be seen not only while walking around the city, but also under your feet. For tourists and the preservation of historical elements was made a durable transparent glass floor on which you can walk and see through the glass parts of the ancient city.

In addition, for you there are sailboats on which you can take a boat trip along the coast. Pomegranates are everywhere and pomegranate juice is available for purchase. After all, “Side” in Anatolian means “pomegranate”.

It is also worth visiting the tourist bazaar – we bought a lot of Turkish tea, spices and dried fruits. Sellers are friendly and willing to invite to their shops. Don’t forget to negotiate in order to get a better price. I highly recommend dried mangoes – very delicious and juicy.

The most fascinating part of the city for me were Roman ruins (7th century AD), ancient theatre, market colonnade, the ruins of the temple of Apollo. Indeed, there is much to see if you are tired of swimming in the sea and getting sunbathing!

Obviously, I had no idea that 10 minutes by taxi from our hotel we could find such a beautiful place related to history. If you’re lucky, you can combine your trip with a concert in the ancient theatre of Side. I suggest you buy your tickets in advance.

Don’t repeat our mistake – don’t come to town before 5 PM, otherwise you’ll be in the heat and risk spending a lot of time in cafes and shops hiding from the hot weather. Closer to sunset is the perfect time for a visit!


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