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Schloss Basthorst

It was summer, the weather in Germany was lovely. It’s been 3 days since I got back from a short trip to Russia. My soul was hungry for further journeys. I often heard from my dad about the town of Schwerin, where he lived as a child, with a beautiful castle and lakes. That’s where we decided to go. But all the hotels in the city itself were already booked out. Luckily, we found a beautiful hotel called “Schloss Basthorst”near the city, and that’s where we’ll be talking about today.

Schloss Basthorst

From the Schloss Basthorst Owners

“Basthorst Castle is something special. This is mainly due to the many different personalities who are involved here. A motivated team passionately ensures that all guests feel at home in the rooms, kitchen, restaurants, garden and SPA. The team is supported and led by Marjon and Mark Hopman. The charismatic Dutchmen see themselves not as lords of the castle but as hosts. The manor is their home – no wonder that they cultivate it with so much heart and soul. And this heart is in the design of the house as well as in the atmosphere in the team. Their motto: “We don’t want to be perfect, but real!” Perhaps it is also this honesty that motivates so many guests to come again and again. Because while the world outside continues to strive for perfectionism, at Basthorst Castle you can do one thing above all: breathe a sigh of relief.”


We were so hungry that after arriving from Hamburg around 8 p.m. and had no dinner, therefore we decided to go to a restaurant on the ground floor of our building. Fortunately, there was a table for us and we were able to try the excellent cuisine and delicious wine!

The restaurant staff was very attentive and friendly even though my chef had over-salted my dish a little (I guess he was in love:)

Immensedays Maria Hotel Schloss Basthorst Hotel Schloss Basthorst

Good Morning

In the morning I woke up completely rested. I often had bad luck with the mattresses in hotels – often they were too soft. This time, however, everything was just fine!

When I stood up from the bed, I gently pulled the curtains aside and saw the beautiful landscape, green lush trees and the soft pre-autumn August sun. The day was supposed to be just perfect!

Hotel Schloss Basthorst

Hotel Rooms

I would highly recommend that you check with receptionists or the print desk to find out about all possible activities, as well as rest and time activities. There are few buildings where you can book a room to stay:

  • Tower House
  • Castle
  • Forest Residence
  • Apartment-house

Schloss Basthorst


We stayed in a hotel building called “Die Waldresidenz” (Forest Residence) in a 20 m² double room with some forest views.

Schloss Basthorst Rooms Schloss Basthorst Rooms


I loved the bathroom, its style, soft beige colours, light. And I also love Rituals cosmetics, so it was a little treat for such a beauty blogger like me.

Schloss Basthorst Rooms Schloss Basthorst Rooms  Schloss Basthorst Rooms


You can book a wonderful breakfast in advance for 19 € per person. By the way, the variety of products is excellent! Here you will find everything, for every taste and diet (but in the case of this breakfast any diet is clearly prohibited 🙂

Schloss Basthorst Hotel

Schloss Basthorst breakfast  Schloss Basthorst breakfast Schloss Basthorst breakfast Schloss Basthorst breakfast


For instance, here you can have a wedding, take professional golf lessons, relax in the spa, go horseback riding, walk in the woods and explore the beautiful nature and lakes on the territory of the hotel. You can also find some information here.

In 15-20 minutes by car there is a city of Schwerin, where the Hotel Schloss Basthorst also organizes sightseeing tours. If the weather is wonderful, this is a great chance to see the Schwerin castle alive, take a boat ride and to have a view of Schwerin from the water, visit the Zoo.

Schloss Basthorst Restaurant Schloss Basthorst Hochzeit Wedding Schloss Basthorst Hochzeit


Although our day was limited in time and we were going to Schwerin, we enjoyed visiting the pool and saunas (sanarium, kelo sauna, steam bath, Finnish sauna).

If you want to visit a spa, this is a real paradise for relaxation lovers. All kinds of massages: Ayurveda (also for pregnant), Aromatherapy, hot stone massage, herbal/salty/cream peelings & treatments.

Besides that: reading room, quiet room, foot baths, fitness centre, vital bar, course offers (Eg. Aquafit classes), solarium and sunbathing.

Schloss Basthorst Spa Schloss Basthorst Spa Schloss Basthorst Spa


Schloss Basthorst Schloss Basthorst Schloss Basthorst Schloss Basthorst Schloss Basthorst Schloss Basthorst


The price in August 2019 was 144€ with breakfast for two persons.

In the cold season, there’s a good chance we can visit the hotel at a lower price. All prices can be found here and here.

My conclusion

Would I like to come here again? Yes, and again, yes! I’ll just make sure I have a spa package and horseback riding in advance. Well, it’s a magical nature surrounded by lakes and crystal clear air. In such a relaxing and caring place you want to come again and again.


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