Hamburg Tropen Aquarium

Which one of us does not like animals? I know a wonderful place in Hamburg where you and your children will be very happy to spend a few hours! This place is called Hagenbeck Tropen Aquarium and located near the Hamburg Zoo – perfect place to visit in the wintertime, when it’s too cold for a long walks in the Zoo. The Hagenbeck Tropical Aquarium is home to a total of over 14,300 exotic animals from all over the world!

Hagenbeck Aquarium Hagenbeck Tropen Aquarium Tierpark Hagenbeck Tierpark Hamburg Hagenbeck Hamburg Tierpark Loriini Desert iguana Hamburg Tierpark Bromelia Yellow-banded poison dart frog poison dart frogMossy frog Aquarium HamburgJellyfish Aquarium Qualle AquariumHamburg Aquarium Lionfish Scissortail sergeant


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