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I decided to make a new column in my blog – “Foodie Hamburg”. Here I will write about cafes, bistros, bars, restaurants & etc. I recommend to visit. Some amount of places to eat in Hamburg can be I would say not about food, it is more about place, interior, history and its specificity.

Likewise, the best in my opinion when all the features of the place are perfect: service, food, interior, location. “One-sizefits-all” cannot more in this case. In fact, we are all having different preferences and taste.


The ramen Hamburg


The Ramen Hamburg

If you like me have never tried a Ramen before – that’s a good chance for you!

The Ramen Hamburg is located very close to the Hauptbahnhof (Main Station), so it is the closest station if you drive with subway.

No lie, I liked this place soooo much, that I was here 2 times in 3 days. That’s a big score, if I love the place, the I will go again and again.

Interior is in Japanese style, old Japanese wallpapers on the walls, dark calming colors, lots of wood – tables, stools. High ceiling and little square gives a cozy feeling.

The ramen Hamburg

The ramen Hamburg

Ramen is a Japanese dish with Chinese-style noodles. Surely you will get a big portion and price is egg-cellent! From 8 to 11 euro you are getting a big bowl of Ramen full of ingredients. No complaints.

The ramen Hamburg

Undoubtedly the Ramen is super tasty. You can feel it with freshness of ingredients, not the amount of spices – there is minimal amount of them.

Don’t forget to order a small appetize: kimchi, edamame, gyoza.

The ramen Hamburg Kimchi

I took Ramen with shrimp dumplings, сorn, sprouted wheat, noodles. Extras like meat, tofu, noodles and other are at your options.

Immensedays The ramen Hamburg

Beer is coming soon. But ginger beer without alcohol is available!

Homemade lemonade, fizzy classic things like coke and for dessert a cheesecake. Haven’t tried yet, but there is a reason: after such a big portion there is no room in my stomach for dessert. So if you try there a cake – let me know how it was!

Immensedays The ramen Hamburg

Immensedays The ramen Hamburg

To sum up, I liked this place! Especially, if you love asian food, you wouldn’t be disappointed.

Just keep in your mind that the place is really small, if you definitely want to visit The Ramen Hamburg – just book a table. Because all good places get full very quick.

The Ramen Hamburg: Rosenstraße 5, 20095 Hamburg

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