My Life Through Instagram

Replica Maison Margiela Beach Walk

  1. First days of my coming back to Hamburg. Enjoying some ice-cream, it was about 22 degrees on that day! ☀
  2. Checked the new office of my husband.
  3. My new perfume and I am totally in love! Spring and summer fragrance, super gentle.
  4. I visited my new German language school. Looking forward to start my classes again! And I posted interesting look of stairs from the bottom 👩‍🎓

breakfast coffee

5. By accident we found a cozy cafe, where we’ve had a delicious breakfast 🍳Their instagram page

6. Sunny weather usually a rare thing in Hamburg – I always enjoy it and go outside for a walk.

7. Love to start the day with cup of coffee and holding a hand of love💕

8. Muesli with yogurt, blueberries & honey.Breakfast pancakes

9. Shared on my Instagram page favorite nude shiny Loreal lipstick💄

10. Moreover, red lipstick is also in my mind to wear it more often this year!

11. Coconut flour pancakes. First try was kind of a messy, but I handled it! Recipe took from here

12. I like to live near the park. It is totally another quality of air. Besides that I can every day see squirrels and rabbits.


I wish you to have a great day today! Maria ♥